Worked the entire time

Diagnosed with ABC in 2010.

I Took 1.3 years off to do treatment July 2010 -Oct 2011!

But needed to go back to work afterwards due to financial obligations 4 children 12 and under, a mortgage and no life insurance.

Shortly after a year into my leave for treatment I was receiving HR calls and from manager on a weekly basis for plan to return back to work. Unfortunately my employer did not provide part time or casual only full time.

Eventually I returned back and have been working full time for almost 11 years.

Yes, I am thriving and in remission for 12 years now.

It was a very stressful time for me juggling treatment, a family and a very poor diagnosis.

And a relentless employer who kept on pressuring me for a return back to work date. I work in health care – a stressful environment and deal with palliative care patients.

“I did rely heavily on my cancer support group.”

It  took an emotional toll on me both positive and negative. I never reached out to seek professional help. But I did rely heavily on my cancer support group. Gildas club in Toronto club house.