Child Educator

“Work keeps you away from negative thoughts.”

I used to work in a school but stopped because my son had an accident. Now, I’m just a housewife at home with my husband.

Now I’ve been diagnosed with ABC, I get depressed. I don’t like it at all. I feel like a zero. I don’t like the feeling of being useless because I can’t take care of my family. I realise my job was important and I want it back.

I’ve been well-supported by my family – we are very close – and I’m also still in touch with some of my students as they have also been diagnosed with breast cancer. They were detected early and I have been a support to them.

It’s important that people who have a diagnosis of ABC return to work because cancer doesn’t take away your capacity. You are still capable of doing everything. Work keeps you away from negative thoughts and puts them where they need to be.