Campaign background

The ABC Global Charter aims to drive change in the care of patients with advanced breast cancer (ABC). It is comprised of 10 Actions for Change, which aim to give patients a voice, bring patient needs to the fore for driving decision-making, and ultimately improve and extend their lives.
As part of our ‘Be the Change’ awareness campaign series, this year we are focused on the impact of ABC on work. Our goal is to help patients with ABC, who want to continue working, by implementing legislation that protects their right to work and ensures flexible and accommodating workplace environments.

Work can be an integral part of peoples’ wellbeing. For some it’s a passion, while for others it’s simply a way to earn money – but when it comes to advanced breast cancer, everything surrounding work can change.

Studies show 60% of women with advanced breast cancer have seen their household income drop as a result of their illness and two thirds of employed women with advanced breast cancer no longer work full time

Our Wall of Stories gives people a chance to share the truth about working with advanced breast cancer.

So please explore, discover and share, so that we can raise awareness, drive change and really make life with ABC work. 

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* Reference: The Invisible Woman 2020 survey of 98 women with advanced breast cancer across 8 EU countries.